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São Paulo Center for Energy Transition Studies

Energy transition to move the world

Who we are


The São Paulo Center for Energy Transition Studies - CPTEn is one of the Science for Development Centers (CCD-SP) supported by FAPESP dedicated to the theme “Energy for development and energy efficiency”.

The project will contribute to initiatives in energy management and transition in the State of São Paulo, in all segments of the public administration. Priority will be given to actions aimed at making better use and improving distribution of electricity.

CPTEn's work follows the concept of a 'living laboratory', with projects that experiment with new solutions and technologies applied to real life situations, bringing researchers and society together in a collective construction. Within this concept, Unicamp has already achieved great success through the Sustainable Campus program.


Our projects have the participation of researchers from undergraduate to post-doctoral level.

New Research and

We develop solutions and contribute with processes that have real impact on energy management and transition.


Many of our actions are developed jointly with government agencies (in the State of São Paulo) and partner institutions.

What we do


For the State's public administration to achieve the project's objectives, CPTEn will work on the academic and technical training of professionals, research and technology development, and will contribute to the implementation of multidisciplinary energy efficiency projects, along with public and private agencies.

Another strategy used by the project is the adoption of multidisciplinary actions, which allow knowledge integration in areas such as engineering, computing, law, public policy, economics, education and administration.

Thematic Axes

Discover the Project's 8 Thematic Axes.

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Artificial intelligence and data science for energy management

Regulatory innovation & funding and partnerships models

Public policies and governance

Economic analyses for prospection and scenarios

Education, training and qualification of agents for sustainability

Transition to renewable energy and bioenergy

Transition to digital networks and smart consumption (Grid Edge Technology)

Innovation for smart cities

How we do it


News, reports and disclosures about the group's practical actions.

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