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CPTEn Thematic Axes

Public policies and governance

For the São Paulo Center for Energy Transition Studies (CPTEn), public policies are essential to the implementation of some of our proposals. Therefore, this third axis develops an analysis tool (framework) to align, organize and direct existing public policies in the energy and sustainable transition processes. Also, it implements a continuous flow of improvement and reviews of these instruments, including new programs and improvements in existing ones, as incentive mechanisms. It also seeks coherence in decision-making, preventing incompatibilities between actions and the creation of resistance to the expansion of energy transition goals, thus establishing a proper governance structure.

Based on six strategic fronts, researchers analyze recent literature and the Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development framework (PSCD). The research is interested in observing international experiences and developing a continuous framework, aligned with the demands arising from dialogue with public authorities. This allows analyses on the governance structure of public policies in São Paulo and a better understanding about how they can be more effective, efficient, and beneficial to the society. These are actions that collaborate with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as they are employed against global climate change (SDG 13) and follow the partnerships and means of implementation models (SDG 17).

Axis coordination

Flávia Consoni

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